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To connect with our practice, please send an email through our contact page or call 310-699-9439.  We are happy to provide a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to get you started.


Therapy can be so important to help improve function and effect change in someone’s life. The therapeutic process makes active use of our relationships in order to engage in an empathetic connection. I place much value on the therapeutic relationship and work toward careful collaboration with my clients and their families. The relationships we develop together as client and therapist, either individually or within the family unit, is a base from which true intervention begins.


One of the very first approaches I take is to strive for that empathetic connection. I combine my knowledge and experience with a strong intuitive sense that allows me to connect with the feelings my clients are having. This leads me to have a reliable starting point for assessment and development of therapeutic intervention specific to the need. I use this initial approach for all developmental ages. I am also sensitive to evaluate each client’s ability to follow through with intervention, taking care to pace the treatment accordingly. 



I have always had a strong desire to learn about and understand others. I have enhanced that interest with education, training, and clinical experience in the field of clinical psychology and marriage and family therapy. With over 25 years in the field, trained both in research and clinical treatment, my therapeutic style has been shaped and continues to be fine tuned. 


  • My first significant training post Bachelor’s degree began with clinical research studying intervention for infants who had feeding problems. I was immersed in parent-child observations of play and feeding interaction and learned to understand their dynamic though attachment theory. 

  • After completing my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University, I provided one-on-one and group therapy to parenting adolescents in a residential treatment center, with a strong focus on the parent-child relationship dynamic and on parenting skills. 

  • Once I received licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy, I worked with children in crisis. My clinical training and experience included differential diagnosis, crisis stabilization, short- to moderate-term individual and family therapy, coordination of services with other therapeutic agencies, school/IEP advocacy, and support to psychiatric care. 

  • Since 2008, I began my work in private practice. I am fortunate to incorporate all I have learned from my previous experience while still developing new skills. 

It is a pleasure serving the therapeutic needs of the community and collaborating with other professionals to provide the best care possible to my clients and their families.

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