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The clinical team at PHWD Inc. has specific training working with children at all developmental levels, including children 0-5 years. This expertise allows us to effectively identify each child’s area of need and then implement individualized and supportive therapeutic interventions. Because we focus on relationships and family systems, it is our intention to include families when treating children and teens so that improvement can be felt throughout the family system.





Our clinicians extend services to all ages wanting therapeutic support. We do specialize in family systems and relationships, so we will incorporate those frameworks in our approach and with our interventions. If you are an adult needing support within a family, couple, or social relationship, we are here to help.



If you are trying to manage the developmental course of childhood and adolescence as a single parent or as co-parents, we are ready to share our knowledge and understanding. We will individualize our interventions to incorporate therapeutic techniques with your parenting style.




Either the family starts in therapy together or the therapeutic process evolves into family therapy. It is our goal to help improve communication and harmony within the family system.

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